Two Free Press staffers entering MI Journalism Hall of Fame

Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley realized she could turn her love of writing into a living when she took a news writing class in high school.

An hour with a journalism professor at the University of Kansas, after three years of studying engineering, was enough to convince Julian H. Gonzalez to switch majors and become a newspaper photographer. It was a career that included 25 years at the Free Press.

Paying tribute to a friend
who knew you when . . .

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.36.41 AMSome things require you to take a moment. Learning that a friend had died meant doing just that: giving the news the time it deserved, the time it required, the time to remember and then say goodbye. A single column could never cover all the wonderful things about my friend, the things that made her become a person who helped others, who loved others, who made others laugh.  There aren’t enough words to describe what she meant
to her family and friends. But since words are what I do, and she and I both loved words, I offered some about my friend Rita Long Baker here.