“The Burden: African Americans and the Enduring Impact of Slavery”

A powerful collection of essays that create a chorus of evidence that the burden of slavery is still real. As New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones states in the book’s foreword, “despite the fact that black Americans remain at the bottom of every indicator of well-being in this country—from wealth, to poverty, to health, to infant mortality, to graduation rates, to incarceration—we want to pretend that this current reality has nothing to do with the racial caste system that was legally enforced for most of the time the United States of America has existed.” The Burden expresses the voices of other well-known Americans, such as actor/director Tim Reid who compares slavery to a cancer diagnosis and the actress Aisha Hinds who explains how slavery robbed an entire race of value and self-worth. This collection is a response to the false idea that slavery wasn’t so bad and something we should all just “get over.”As Riley writes in her opening essay, “slavery is not a relic to be buried, but a wound that has not been allowed to heal. You cannot heal what you do not treat. You cannot treat what you do not see as a problem. And America continues to look the other way, to ask African Americans to turn the other cheek, to suppress our joy, to accept that we are supposed to go only as far as we are allowed.” The Burden aims to address this problem. It is a must-read for every American.

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Raising a Parent by Rochelle Riley




“Raising a Parent: Lessons My Daughter Taught Me While We Grew Up Together

A collection of essays about the adventures of a mother raising her daughter through high school.

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Life Lessons by Rochelle Riley






Life Lessons

A collection of essays on American life, 9/11, education and children, Life Lessons offers readers a chance to experience a writer whose gift for language makes you want to sit on a front porch with her book in your hands and your shoes off.

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