All of my friends know I’m a huge film fan. Movie buff. Theater junkie. I live for cinema, and I plan my calendar around the openings of certain movies. Yes, they are on my schedule.

This year, I had been counting down the days ’til “Inception” and “Salt.” I saw “Inception” on its first day in theaters. It did not disappoint.

But I missed “Salt.”

Life got in the way, and every chance I’d scheduled was taken by something else. Finally, finally, I saw it today. It has been described accurately as a geopolitical über-action thriller. (IMDB) Jolie plays a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy. Concerned only about saving the life of her husband, she spends the movie trying to prove her innocence. Or does she? The role was written for Tom Cruise, but it was supposed to be Angelina’s.

I’m ready for the sequels the way that “Saw” fans sit around and wait for their regular helping of gore. Angelina Jolie, among nearly the Hollywood actresses who have created personas – both for real life and for publicity tours – from whole cloth, knows exactly who she is and what she wants on screen. And even though I knew who the bad guy was before the first turn, I was thrilled to watch it.

So I’ll send an e-mail to director Philip Noyce to encourage him to tackle “Salt II.” And soon.

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