San Diego just made my Top Ten Cities List

SAN DIEGO _ OK. I admit it. I’m suffering from city envy.

I just returned from a day trip to Coronado while in here in San Diego on business, and the only way to describe it is: I was in heaven. I loved walking on streets that felt so clean that they were bright, looked freshly scrubbed. Coronado is what you want the city to look like where you take your first or second or fifth honeymoon.
I walked along a beach and took photographs of kelp and jellyfish. Met a guy who builds sand castles for a living (

I ate marvelous Italian food at a corner restaurant called Vigilucci’s, whose creator, Roberto Vigilucci, decided long ago that he wanted customers to share memories of his early life in Milano. (As usual, I had puttanesca.)

I was in town for the National Association of Black Journalists convention. But I was really there to work in any environment that had great weather, breezy sunshine and blue waters. Yes, we have all three in Michigan, but the water’s only really blue if you go to Lake Michigan, which is too far away, and the weather’s only really great in June. And while it’s sunny, every place east of Mississippi is has been as hot as well, you know. And there’s nothing like an ocean, even from a hotel window.

When we had a chance to get out of the hotel, we went to Balboa Park, and I snapped a shot of a tree as old as time whose roots traveled across the entire front yard of the San Diego Natural History Museum.

We went to the San Diego Zoo, but since none of my friends nor I are zoo fans, we stayed only a short while. (Now, go to Charleston to the aquarium, and I’m there. With you. All day.)

Suffice it to say, on my Top Ten list of U.S. cities. some place just got replaced. San Diego will never knock off New York, or Manteo, N.C. or Los Angeles. But I think Phoenix just got one less regular visitor. (The others are Tucson, New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago, Raleigh, N.C. and Fort Lauderdale).

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