How can it be September?

OK. I get that global warming is real. I get that the seasons are no longer predictable. But last night was actually cold.

My daughter wanted me to turn the heat on. Before Labor Day?! That’s like wearing white after Labor Day. I piled comforters on her and enjoyed what was probably one of the last days of warm weather.

This is Michigan, so it’s not like I’m not used to freezing temps in October, and I know that we really have only two seasons: winter and August. But I needed just a little more time before it was officially fall.

I was enjoying hour-long morning walks with my dog and open windows with cricket symphonies. Well actually, the crickets are afraid of the neighbor’s dog, which I’ve never seen, but who sounds like a 300-pound Cujo. He is hidden by trees, but sounds sinister. One night, I almost walked over to the trees to peek. But my mind raced to future possible movie scenes where a wolf pounces on a noisy neighbor. And I changed my mind.

So I’ll tackle September without cricket symphonies and with walks that will last for a half-hour in snow. And I’ll count the days until next summer – on August 1.

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