Yes, he is

I was lucky enough to join nine fellow columnists from across the country to interview President Barack Obama last Friday. We met in the Roosevelt Room near the Oval Office, where we discussed education, the bank bailout, hunger, the coalition that elected him in November 2008, mid-term elections and his legacy. Afterward, friends from across the country called to ask me how it was, how he is. My answer, no matter the question, was the same: Yes he is.

Is he as self-assured in person as he is on camera.

Is he as smart as he was during the campaign.

Is he actually doing the job himself as opposed to being handled by handlers?

And is he having trouble getting his message across.

Yes, he is.

The president is the real deal, someone who actually looks like he has command of the office and the work and the global responsibility. But what he needs help with his getting his message out. I’m going to write about that in my Sunday column in the Detroit Free Press. Look for it there, and we’ll meet here afterward!

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