The real gift is a NEW YEAR

To my friends, readers, supporters, challengers, family, lovers past and way past:  Today is an amazing gift.

I am celebrating the beginning of a new year in a very different way this year. I plan to be still, to reflect on what my true purpose is, to discern what I am truly SUPPOSED to be doing with my gifts and time. I am not going to celebrate the end of year. For the next week, I plan to celebrate the beginning of one. I’m changing my traditions so that I can spend more time looking forward than looking back.

We spend so much time counting birthdays, accomplishments, milestones. What we are doing is pulling the pages of our lives out of the book of life until there are no more.

No, I plan to write new pages every day, I want the book, like a good Lee Child or Toni Morrison novel, to go on and on and on. And yes, I just put a contemporary suspense writer in the same sentence as a Nobel laureate. But this is my new year that I’m writing.

Expect to hear more from me this year. Expect me to pay more attention to what is going on in your lives. Expect great things from me. Great new things.

And take a moment, at the end of each day, at end of every day this year, to celebrate a victory, even a tiny victory: that you got to work on time, that you heard from an old friend, that your headache is gone, that you finished your book, that you finished that song you’ve been writing for a million years, that your son is getting married, that you have found love. At any age.

Yes, today is an amazing gift. And so is tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. But instead of tossing them aside, like we do the presents at Christmas, I plan to pay more attention to each this year, to be more grateful for every one.

Happy New Year!

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