Golden Globes to Seek New Host – If They are Smart

WANTED: A popular and funny host for the 2012 Golden Globes Awards; must have sense of humor, ability to offer incisive, cutting-edge humor; must have common sense.

There is a reason that Don Rickles never hosted the Golden Globes: his brand of humor wouldn’t be welcome there. But even Don Rickles knows where the line is. Even Don Rickles, when working a room, wouldn’t offend EVERYONE in the room, thinking that equal opportunity insulting makes insulting OK.

If Ricky Gervais wasn’t taken out back of the Beverly Hilton and thrown into a dumpster, perhaps he can find a way to apologize to a room that wanted more, deserved more, needed more on a night when some of the best film and television work ever was lauded and applauded.

How I wish Jane Lynch had become Sue Sylvester for just a second and pummeled him verbally into submission.

Don’t know what Gervais’ next project is. But one thing he should be able to take off his calendar for next year: The Golden Globes or any other hosting duties that aren’t in a small ballroom in Canada.

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