And the Oscar goes to . . . TEACHERS!

It’s almost time.

As we’ve rushed to watch the movies nominated for an Academy Award, as we’ve made plans for what to serve at our Oscar parties and as we prepare to settle in and watch the annual distribution of accolades and street cred, if your streets intersect at Hollywood and Vine, I want to salute those whose best work gets them no awards. I want to salute those whose victories are the victories of others – teachers.

This has been a hard year for teachers, partly because of the deeper examination of their work that is being done by various universities, institutions and filmmakers.

Any indictment of school systems, even the entire American system as analyzed by the documentary “Waiting for Superman,” is an indictment of teachers and principals and aides. Problem is: indicting with a broad brush puts bad paint on good teachers, on teachers who begin their days hours early and end them hours later because they get it.

They get that the products they’re working with aren’t cars or shopping carts or widgets. They are literally building America. They are molding future senators and presidents and astronauts. They, most of all, are developing future parents.

So as you watch Sunday night to see whose performance was best, whose film was best, whose work was most celebrated, take a moment to honor those whose work is to get best performances out of others.

Maybe we should get them to dress up one night, walk a red carpet and receive trophies for the thankless job they do. Right now, they get to watch their products get diplomas. But some teachers deserve diplomas – and awards – of their own.


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