I had an interesting talk with a friend about relationships today, about what they’re for, what they do and when they can go wrong.

We’re both in jobs where people pull at us, become our friends because they need something: a reference for a job, a moment in the spotlight, a chance to be seen in certain circles.

It reminds you to work harder at remembering who your friends are and how much they differ from those people who smile and say nice things, all while angling to get something in return.

What they don’t know, my friend and I decided, is that we’re onto them. We know the difference. We know the game. And slowly but surely, before they least expect it, they will realize that we have won, and they have lost.

But they will not have just lost the game. They will have lost the possibility of great friendship. And when I think of that, I feel sorry for them.

Tonight, I salute my friends!

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