Paying forward, paying back

The message arrived on Facebook with a big dose of pride. My hometown high school’s football team won the state championship! But there was more!

The championship rings, which look like replicas of Super Bowl rings, cost $300.

Those two statements were so incongruous. How can you lift kids up so high on their own achievement while lifting beyond their reach the reward for that achievement?

In comes Mike Boyd, a classmate who didn’t leave Tarboro, a guy who has the life he dreamed of – wife, kids and Friday night lights on a field where he used to play.

He sent the word out to all members of our class (No, I’m not telling you the year.) asking if we’d donate to the effort to buy one ring. If every class helped do that, we could make sure no kid went without the personal trophy, the one you can take around with you.

It was a great idea, a chance to pay forward what I’ve been blessed with and to pay back the school that started me on my way.

It’s the only check this week that I’m glad to write!

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