Romney turns presidential moment into pandering minute

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney missed a huge opportunity during an appearance before thousands of supporters in Michigan Friday.

Rather than be presidential and rouse the crowd with his plans for a new America, Romney instead chose to make a crack about how no one asks for proof that he was born in Detroit.

It was a comment that pandered to some of the worst in his party – radical conservatives who believe that President Obama wasn’t born in America.

But by aligning himself with extremists, Romney insulted some of the very government employees he seeks to supervise as president.

Yes, those are real people who work for the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service and the Department of State. It is those employees that the extremists believe either are all inept and somehow allowed a noncitizen to run for President or believe that they are part of some vast left-wing conspiracy to cover up a noncitizen running for President.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have extremists on the periphery who utter things that push their colleagues away.

The shame of this presidential campaign is that the candidates still haven’t realized that they don’t need to pander. They don’t need to offer negative assessments of each other’s careers. They don’t need to tell jokes.

All they need to do is explain what they want to do for America – and let America decide who it believes.

And they should have some respect for their constituents the same way that a presidential candidate should respect prospective employees. The extremists don’t think much of the employees who vetted a candidate four years ago. Neither does Romney, who used a single golden moment in front of 10,000 supporters to insult them again.

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