A reminder of patriotism

There are plenty of things I like about visiting a Rotary Club meeting: the singing, the updates from members about their children and careers. But near the top is an opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Simple words written 120 years ago this month, it became a country’s mantra when it was adopted by Congress in 1942.

As I recited the words I learned as a child, it dawned on me that I probably say the pledge about once a year – when I visit a Rotary Club. That’s not often enough.

We sometimes get

mad at our country, especially during presidential elections, major Congressional debates and times of war. We question our leaders. We wonder why we sent some leaders to Washington. We decry the lack of civility and the problems we have, as Americans, getting along.

But what the pledge does is remind us that no matter what else bothers us or how much we fight, we remain one nation, indivisible, where we fight every day for liberty and justice for all.

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