Facebook chat leads to . . . wait for it . . . an actual phone conversation and a good moment between old friends

So anyway, there was a moment this morning that reminded me of when we used to talk to each other in person.

I had sent a friend a Facebook message that I needed to talk to him. He said he’d call right away. Then he asked for 20 minutes to freshen up. I told him that was fine. It would give me time to put on some pants.

It was funny, for a minute.

But then I realized that I had not seen my friend in a year. It had been more than a year. Now, we’re not great friends. We don’t visit each other’s homes or go to lunch every week. He’s more a friend of a girlfriend who moved to Los Angeles and became a celebrity journalist and was no longer the bridge that connected me to this great guy, who’s a married father and writer who’s awesome but whom a single woman can’t hang out with alone.

But when I said I needed to chat, his response was immediate: Let me freshen up and call you. He was still funny and still my friend.

We talked. It was great. I needed a favor. He was as happy to help as if he’d seen me last week.

So I may invite his family out to dinner because we can’t lose people. When we do, we lose moments we’ll one day wish we had.

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