Sometimes you need a silent weekend

WASHINGTON, D.C._ It is the silence that is most pleasant.

Yes, it is Washington, D.C.

Yes, we are two days away from the Presidential Inauguration.

Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of additional people in town.

But it took only a moment for me to decide how I wanted to spend my long weekend. I wanted to sequester myself somewhere without television, without distractions, without people so I could just write. And thanks to my friend,  Michael who found it for me, I’m there.

I’m on my laptop in a beautifully restructured mansion in Washington,D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood. The lemon ginger tea is hot. And I am at peace having days, hours, moments totally to myself.

And it is really true: It is the silence that is most pleasant.

Sometimes you need to take a moment to reflect, to work on a book, to think about  what’s next, to just be. Everyone should take a moment, find a moment to breathe, to study your life map and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

And if I may offer a bit of advice, do it where there is no noise.