There once was an an America
where we tried to do better; we still can

Joseph Crachiola’s reaction to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is one I wish I had.

Crachiola, who used to live in the Detroit area, shared on Facebook a picture he took almost 40 years before that was published in The Macomb Daily. Macomb is a county east of Wayne, which houses Detroit, but the children in the photo could have been from lots of places in 1973.

I’m grateful for the photo and the moment to reflect on my own life. I wondered whether there ever was a time when race didn’t matter. I wondered whether that time would come in my lifetime. Maybe not.

But for just this moment, I can look at this photo and be reminded that there once was an America that was

… was trying to erase racism rather than market it.

… was trying to make the pursuit of happiness an equal occupation for all rather than closing the doors on some.

… was trying to raise children to not hate.

I wish for an America that can be. And in that America, the children look just like this, just like they did, in 1973.