How do you take 900 kids to Wakanda? With help from friends

How do you take 900 kids to Wakanda? With a little help from your friends – and great sponsors! Thank to Jemele Hill for the idea and support, Eminem for providing the soundtrack, Big Sean (who showed up!), the Detroit Lions, the Ford Fund, the Marshall Mathers Foundation, the Detroit Free Press and Emagine Theaters! Couldn’t have happened without Lauren Clayborne of the Lions and Cortni Wilson from the Ford Fund, representing Big Shawn Wilson – and Aaron Walter, the transportation director from DPSCD, who is a miracle worker —and Brittni Brown, who marshaled the best volunteers ever! And when hometown hero Big Sean, who announced he was opening a movie theater, surprised the students, yes, some screamed. Many screamed. And Mumford Academy showed up and showed out by performing the Wakanda ascension celebration dance! All in all, we honored students who have perfect attendance this year (including this field trip) and students from some of our adopted schools and Jemele’s alma mater. Thanks to all the chaperones and the officers who turned out to keep us safe and had nothing to do. And thanks to the one and only Kyle Sinclair from Emagine who made it all look easy! (Photos by Kennette Lamar of Annistique Photography)

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