NEW YORK _ Spending exactly one night in the Big Apple to see Denzel Washington in previews for The Iceman Cometh. I’ve had pizza, a glass of riesling and an afternoon of quiet before heading to the theater. But let me tell you what happened first:

I went to the theatre early to pick up the tickets, got them, headed toward 6th Avenue when I realized I was no longer wearing my beloved fluffy hat that I got in New Zealand!! You know the one. I wear it ALL THE TIME! So I head back to the theatre. It’s not there. Sadly, I believe I must have left it on the plane. So I head out, dejected, trying to tell myself it’s just a hat. Suddenly, for no reason apparent to me, I decide to turn and go in the other direction. Ten feet away, sitting on a fire pipe jutting out of a building is my hat that someone surely had to pick up to put there…

Won’t He do it?

The line outside the Jacobs Theatre was testament to who Denzel Washington has become and why the playbill described him as the most celebrated actor of his generation. Only for him would I tackle one of O’Neill’s toughest plays – a nearly four-hour examination of dashed hopes, depression and acceptance of a failed life. It was tough. It was uneven. But I’d watch Denzel read a phone book for seven hours without an intermission. So you’ll have to look elsewhere for panning.

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