Savannah State Honors students rise up to discuss The Burden

SAVANNAH, Ga _ Do not let the pristine and calm water marshes fool you. This University by the Sea, as Savannah State University is known, has some strong students with fierce intellect teeming here. I was honored to be honored by Honors, the Honors College at the historically black college, the oldest in Georgia and the latest stop on The Burden Tour. Not only was I able to have a stage conversation with Wanda Lloyd (my Soror, fellow Ida B. Wells Award-winner and role model in inspiring students), but I was thrilled to meet some young men and women who give me such hope for the future. Thanks to Kai Walker, the professor who set up the symposium, her first event in her new job (She has set the bar high). And she was wearing the coolest earrings I’d seen all week. And thanks to President Cheryl Davenport Dozier who moved me to tears. You want to see leadership? Watch her. And I was so glad to see my longtime friend, Tina Brown, who is still inspiring young people. Oh, and of course, Kai made sure I left with pralines. It was, after all, Savannah!


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