My reasons to love NYC grow every day

NEW YORK _  I’m in my hotel room in my favorite block in one of my favorite cities. The Hotel Edison, next to the swankier W, has been my home away from home for years – and this small stretch of West 47th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue has been my haunt.

But here’s REASON NO. 1783 why I love it and New York.

It is 6 a.m. and for the 90th time, I have packed a suitcase without the power cord for my Mac Air.  Since I am always working, I always need my computer.

But I’m in New York, so no problem.

I call a LYFT, head to the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue and 58th, which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. I buy my cord and take another LYFT back to the hotel. The entire adventure takes less than 30 minutes.

Yep. Electronics 24 hours a day and no need for a car.

But before I head upstairs, I walk down my block, past the Barrymore across the street and the line that has begun to form outside the Brooks Atkinson. These are people without tickets wanting to see “Waitress”

I could live on this block for a week without going anywhere else because there is a Buffalo Wild Wings next to the Barrymore and because of my destination, Crave, which has fabulous pizza and salads at lunch and dinner and the coffee and cinnamon roll I’m getting right now. (I’d show you a picture, but I ate it.)

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