SAN ANTONIO _ I left New York and Denzel to head to the Big Dance, where I was so sure Michigan was going to win, we got the good seats! Imagine how we felt when we learned we were in the middle of the fandom for Loyola, for whom I’d rooted for weeks!

I hated to disappoint Sister Jean, but the game was amazing and ended the way the state of Michigan needed it to.

But the Final Four is always about more than basketball. On Sunday, we started the day at the Magnolia Pancake Haus, a San Antonio institution that is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever visited. Look up their menu; I don’t want to drool on my computer.

Then we took the required sail along the San Antonio Riverwalk, which was spectacular. I had city envy again. After the tour, we walked around trying to figure out what to do next. My dear cousin and road dog, Rod, said it was all up to me. So since we were passing the Improv, I said: How about some comedy?

We went in.

I looked at the poster — and imagine my surprise when I saw my friend, Dallas comic Paul Varghese, on the bill. Serendipity! My friend Benet Wilson and Rod’s friend, Ray, came to join us, Paul killed; he was hilarious. After the show, we shut down the club, then headed to Yardhouse bar where we stayed until I cried “Uncle” at about 2:30 a.m. I don’t know WHAT everyone else did.

Monday continued so well. I had brunch with my longtime friend, Charlotte Anne Lucas, a warrior and revolutionary who is constantly trying to make the world better. Mark had brunch with his friend, who is the chaplain of the 2,000-member Dallas Fire Department. The three of us reconnected to watch some TV pre-coverage of the championship game and to make the requisite trip to the Alamo. The Monday game was like a second visit to the Alamo. Villanova just kept coming. But I was thrilled by how far Michigan got and know they’ll be back!

And so will my Tar Heels!

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