Making Time Stay On Your Side

I didn’t need anybody to tell me that I was wasting time.

I’m trying to finish a project, which is, of course, the exact reason why I was watching the “Ten Cutest Videos of 2012” as collected by

But then, I had a second thought.

What if, rather than wasting time, I was taking command of it.

Sometimes, I thought, taking a break can be good for what ails you.  I’m an A personality who operates at 78 rpm all the time. It was only after I had surgery last February and was forced to stay in or near the bed for three weeks that I learned what operating at a more deliberate speed felt like.

And I liked it.

So now, when I map out my days – days filled with my day job (writing columns), my night job (finishing what I hope is the final rewrite on my novel) and my life jobs (the volunteer work I do for my church, my sorority and other organizations) – I remind myself that a little break doesn’t keep the work from happening. It just makes my brain function better.

Yeah, I know it sounds like an excuse to goof off. But it isn’t – if it’s only 15 minutes out of 10 hours.

So if you want to try it, I’ve got some cute pandas and beagles to show you. Break a leg on the work front, but on the way, take a minute to smile.