Conjuring up Mariel Hemingway
on a Detroit sidewalk

So my friend, Jocelyn, and I had just finished a Happy Moment at the Doubletree Round Bar (We didn’t have an hour, but we had wine, cheese and great gumbo just the same). jocelyn

We headed to the sidewalk, I remembered aloud that Mariel Hemingway, whom I had interviewed five days before,  was slated to speak at the hotel the next day. She was promoting her new movie “Running from Crazy,” and I had just spoken to her about “the Hemingway curse,” which referred to seven members of her family killing themselves. She talked about embracing health and happiness to change her own fate.

Suddenly, I turned and bumped into Mariel Hemingway! She had just arrived and was pulling her suitcase from a car to the front doors.

Mariel“Ms. Hemingway?”

She turned, and I introduced myself, reminded her of our phone interview. She remembered and said kind words about the questions I had asked. And I did something I rarely do. I  let J take a photo of the two of us.

It was a brief moment, not unlike hundreds of others in my line of work. Ms. Hemingway headed in, and J and I continued  down the sidewalk.  Suddenly, nearly in unison, J and I both began chanting “Denzel Washington! Denzel Washington! Denzel Washington!”

Well, it worked with Mariel Hemingway, so we had to give it a try, right?

We had a good laugh at the universe and made a pact to return to that spot. And just in case there was a crack in that sidewalk that lets us conjure up the people we want most to see, I’ve got a list:

Michael Ealy!

Idris Elba!

Matt Damon!

Terrence Howard!

Brad Pitt!

Denzel Washington!

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