Emmy Announcements Were Actually Revelations

There is no clearer evidence that I don’t watch as much TV as I used to than watching the Emmy Award nominations and not seeing my people.

Oh, I recognized the show titles from media coverage, hype or actors I love but have abandoned because I was doing other things – or they were on cable channels that don’t come with the basic package.

Take the drama nominees:

Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones on HBO, Homeland on Showtime, Breaking Bad and Mad Men on AMC and Downton Abbey on PBS.

I’ve never seen five of those six shows – and I missed the entire last season of “Mad Men,” a show I like but couldn’t watch on Sunday nights. I liked Don Draper the way I liked Archie Bunker. He was proof of what we knew and needed other people to know we weren’t lying about.

Where were “Justified (FX),” “The Good Wife (CBS),” “Blue Bloods” (CBS), “House (Fox) and “Smash” (NBC)?

And among the comedies, I can recite the dialogue from two nominees – The Big Bang Theory (CBS) and Modern Family (ABC). But I haven’t seen an episode of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in years. ¬†Larry David is Garry Shandling who was every other constipated unmensch who complained All. The. Time.

But I’ve never seen “Girls” or “Veep” on HBO – and the only time I laughed at “30 Rock” was at Alec Baldwin’s highly inappropriate impersonation of Tracy Morgan’s mother. I was so embarrassed I never watched again.

But just when I thought that no one in the Academy was watching what I was watching, my people showed up: Jim Parsons for Actor from “Big Bang;”

Jon Cryer for Actor from “Two and a Half Men,” not because I watch the show any more but because he deserves it just because;

Mayim Bialik for Supporting Actress from “Big Bang;”

Kathryn Joosten for Supporting Actress from “Desperate Housewives;” Continue Reading