Weight couldn’t wait . . .

Today, I began my day as all others – I had a cup of hot lime water to wake up my system. I walked Desi. And then I began my plan.

I began Weight Watchers last Wednesday, and after six days, I can tell you that it has changed my life.

It’s not that the program is a panacea for food addictions. And the program is not really a diet. Well, it is in that it tells you how much you can have, and if you follow their recommendations, you will lose weight.

But the program makes me do what I haven’t before: Pay attention to EVERYTHING that I put in my mouth – EVERYTHING.

The international program, which a New York homemaker founded in 1963, teaches you to change your eating habits, using a point-system to make you eat smarter and, in some cases, eat less. In my case, I feel like I’m eating more.

The program, as its commercials tell you, teaches you to change your lifestyle. Thanks to the program, I eat breakfast every day (something I never used to do).  Eating early makes me less hungry at lunch. So I’m eating smaller lunches.  And since I’ve eaten all day at regular intervals, I don’t want so much for dinner.

Last night, I had a salad with lettuce (You can eat as much as you want.), broccoli (You can eat as much as you want.), olives, avocado, croutons and lite salad dressing. I had a cup of tea, and when I was done, I felt a kind of happy full instead of that miserable, not that over-sated full after you’ve been to your favorite restaurant and stuffed everything in your mouth because you felt like you should since you paid for it.

But I’m not limited to rabbit food. The point system counts points for any food that you type in. You just have to decide whether that bacon really is worth all the points it will cost you.

I’m working the plan, and yes, it is that easy.

I use the online version of WW, which has a points-counter that does all the adding and a management system that keeps up with everything you eat and do. (Yes, there is an activity tracker that even has points for walking the dog).

So since someone has made it easy, and I have no excuses, here we go!

Wish me luck!